Air freight starts and ends on the ground

Air freight doesn’t only take place in the sky. Management on the ground is at least as important. It’s essential that your shipment is taken care of throughout the entire transport chain in exactly the way that you and the goods require.

GLA has managed air freight since 1976. Enormous volumes every year pass through our terminal at Landvetter near Gothenburg. Our customers know that for terminal management and distribution we are the quick, safe choice.

While we always equip ourselves with the latest technology, at GLA we believe that people are more important than ever. Quality is often about how good the communication is between us and the customer. For this reason, we invest a great deal in analysing and developing our relationships.

Our philosophy

GLA always strives to live up to its company values – welcoming, committed, reliable and innovative  – so that customers see us as their first choice partner.

Our services

GLA offers you the following services:

  • Shipping agency management, including marking, sorting, bonded warehouse and refrigerated/frozen storage.
  • Airline management including cargo and post management, cargo screening, security processing etc.
  • Distribution network across the whole of West Sweden with collection and distribution of goods.

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